Volunteer Opportunities

We can show love and serve our community in West Palm Beach through a number of different ways.

Is God leading you to step out of your comfort zone?

Check out our inner-city ministries.


We want those who minister to have a Shepherd’s mentality, so we use the word Shepherds to describe volunteers involved in life-on-life ministries. A Shepherd is a caring, committed servant who lays his or her life down for the sheep. Shepherds are concerned with feeding and leading the sheep that have been entrusted to them in a compassionate, self-sacrificial way. We will equip you through discipleship training so that you can grow in your effectiveness as a Shepherd leader. 


Stewards are those who serve the body of Christ in a number of ways. For example, doing donation pick-ups, printing bulletins, cooking for one of our ministries, etc. Basically serving the church with tasks that do not involve committing to discipleship relationships. 

Want to volunteer as a Shephard?

Download the application here.MENistry

Want to volunteer as a Steward?

Reach out to our Volunteer Coordinator, Kati Sommers.

Email: Kati@bowdownchurch.com

Phone: 561-655-0935